During the winter months in Sylvania, you may have hesitated to get out and check the condition of your vehicle. Yet, as the weather starts to warm, you have the opportunity to prepare for the plans you have ahead of you. Our knowledgeable and courteous repair technicians will be glad to inspect and service your vehicle thoroughly. Here are the reasons you should schedule your maintenance with us right away:

Alignment and Suspension

During the colder months, your vehicle can suffer damage to its alignment and suspension as you move over rough terrain. Damaged roads and debris caused by severe winter storms can do a lot of harm. If you notice that your steering wheel vibrates or your car pulls to one side as you drive, allow us to fix it before unnecessary tire or vehicle damage occurs.

Tires and Air Pressure

One of the best parts of the spring is the chance to ride around and enjoy the sunshine. Yet, this is hard to do if your ride feels bumpy and unbalanced. The condition of your tires has a tremendous effect on how smoothly your vehicle operates. If the air pressure is too low, or the tread has worn down, you will notice a difference in how it runs. The vehicle may not burn fuel efficiently and take longer to stop when you press the brakes. By getting the correct air pressure, rotation, and balancing, you will enjoy a gentler ride for a longer amount of time.


Even when all the other parts on your vehicle are working correctly, the brakes must function well to keep you safe. This is the time to get out and enjoy family and friends and travel along the roads through Toledo, OH. You don't want to waste it by dealing with an unfortunate accident. Let us inspect and repair your brakes so that you enjoy your full summer the right way.

Schedule a Service Appointment Today

Scheduling a service appointment with us can be done online or by phone. As we work on your vehicle, you can still enjoy the beautiful weather by browsing our extensive inventory of new and used vehicles. We look forward to meeting you!

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