It's seldom an appropriate time to get a new vehicle, yet it happens to all of us eventually. The high cost of new cars, trucks, and SUVs has made buying used vehicles a desirable option. Our team at Dave White Acura understands how difficult and almost financially draining it can be to buy a new vehicle and, in an attempt to make things easier, offer a variety of great used sedans and SUVs. We not only offer many affordable vehicles, but we also have many used sedans and SUVs under $10,000! Check out our inventory of bargain-priced used cars and visit Dave White Acura today on Monroe Street in Sylvania, OH; proudly serving Toledo!

Quality Used Cars for Less than $10,000

Every one of our used vehicles undergoes a thorough inspection before it's put on our lot for sale. When you buy a used vehicle from us, you can rest assured you're getting a reliable vehicle. We offer various makes of cars, sedans, and SUVs. Many of them have low miles and are in great condition. Many ways of buying a used vehicle can benefit you and your family.

Benefits of Buying a Used Car

  • Smaller loan payments – Used vehicles cost substantially less than new vehicles, so your monthly loan payments will be less as well
  • Financing specials - Many lenders offer special financing terms for drivers buying used vehicles
  • Lower insurance – Insurance premiums on used vehicles are lower than for new vehicles
  • Customizing options – Used vehicles are easier and less expensive to personalize and customize to match your personality
  • Less depreciation – Remember hearing how new vehicles depreciate several thousands of dollars within the first year or two? Used cars don't go through this because they've already done most of their depreciation
  • Can buy quicker – Because used cars cost less, they generally have shorter loan terms, which may enable you to get another vehicle much sooner

Test Drive a Used Car Today!

Buying a good and reliable vehicle doesn't have to be a transaction that breaks you, and we want to help you get your dream car for an affordable price. Give us a call or stop in at our Sylvania, OH Acura dealership, check out our inventory of used sedans and SUVs, and take a few out for test drives. Learn more about our bargain used cars for under $10,000 today at Dave White Acura, proudly serving Toledo!