Luxury Features in A Sporty SUV

The Acura MDX is a luxury vehicle and an SUV combined as it offers the latest technology features, a comfortable interior, and a stylish exterior. Even though the new model of the MDX features a few upgrades, there are still details that deliver the features that drivers know and love.

There is a new trim level for the MDX that includes trim that is all black in color as well as wider wheels. Several updates to the transmission and the idling of the SUV have been completed as well. When leasing an MDX, you can explore the options that are available throughout a short time before making a decision about keeping the vehicle or leasing another.

AcuraWatch is a safety program that is standard in the MDX that keeps you safe on the road when you're traveling in Sylvania. Features include lane departure warnings, cross-traffic alerts, and cruise control that is adaptive during most situations while you're in Toledo, OH. These alerts are designed to decrease the risk of accidents so that you can enjoy being on the road with your family. When you're in the MDX, you can adjust the front seats in multiple ways. The power liftgate makes it easy to open the door while you have items in your hands.

If you desire speed when you're on the road, then you'll enjoy the power behind the V6 engine. The transmission has been upgraded to shift smoothly from one gear to another. The 290 horsepower provides plenty of speed while keeping your gas-mileage under control. There are larger engine options with more horsepower that still deliver the exceptional fuel efficiency that is known with the MDX. A benefit of leasing an MDX is that if you desire more horsepower, you can consult with the dealership about upgrading the vehicle. Even though the MDX is an SUV, the handling feels more like a sedan as you navigate curves. While you're at Dave White Acura, you'll be able to see the spacious cargo area of each MDX that's available as well as the organized storage compartments that can hold everything from maps to important documents.

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